Investor Information
Company Name : Rupkotha Productions
Rupkotha Productions is an organization that is rapidly developing and is globally recognized as a trusted entertainment and IT based organization directly involved with IT, Socio-cultural projects and Event management

This organization was established in the year 2000, with a group of talented professionals in the fields of Corporate Affairs, Event Management, Product Launching, Product Advertising, Brand management, Celebrity Endorsements, Communication Branding Services, Film Making, Government Affairs, Fund Raising Campaigns and Management, CSR Management, Sports Marketing and Management, etc.

Rupkotha products span all mobile access channels such as Voice, SMS, WAP, USSD, POS, Video, On-Device Portal & Web, RBT etc through own short code 16343. It has core modular service platform that’s delivers a wide range of carrier-grade service including rich contents, social aggregation, mobile advertising, messaging solutions, mobile marketing, storefronts and portal management and call completion services.

Our technology is live and evolving and designed for rapid deployment and revenue generating. A state-of-the-art Common Short Code Gateway with comprehensive toolset, the company’s unmatched deployment flexibility enables operators of all sizes to compete immediately, and flexible architecture makes migration to next-generation technology simple. It has numerous client bases in to Govt. Corporate, FIs, Media & Events, Telecom Company, and FMCGs and so on.

Affiliations with corporations specializing in many different fields, makes Rupkotha Productions a self-sufficient, resourceful and strong organization in its own. Rupkotha Productions is currently affiliated with Red Chilli Entertainment BD LTD, Destination TV - UK, ATN News, Hypertag Solutions Ltd, Strawberry Technologies Ltd, C2K Communications India, Laser vision, Asian TV, Somoy TV, Asian Radio, Channel-24 & Gakk Media Ltd.

Our Mission: Our Mission is to completely satisfy every requirement of our clients. However high their expectations may be, our innovative and state-of-the-art team and resources will help fulfill.

Our Vision: Our vision serves as the key to our endurance and energy. It guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue surviving in the toughest of markets and overcoming any hurdle it may present.

We always tend to have a great working environment for our employees. We always are careful in nurturing a winning network of clients and affiliates and together we create mutual, enduring value. We are always careful about giving back to the society. We tend to stay as responsible corporate citizens who contribute towards building sustainable and prospering communities. But we are also very mindful of our investors and their interests and are always firm in terms of our responsibilities towards them. And most importantly we tend to stay as a highly effective and highly adaptable organization which learns as fast as the weather changes, anywhere and under any circumstance, which, in turn, facilitates the growth of the organization itself and anyone associated with the organization.

Message for investors: We are aiming to achieve sound business growth and we will continue to transform ourselves ahead of the dramatically changing times and in the face of the current turbulent business environment. Every day in our office we innovate and think about newer ways of expanding our reach into the local market and beyond. So join us as we aim to please highly, work efficiently and prosper beyond all else.